Advantages and Disadvantages of living alone at the age of 18

Write your opinion in 200 words and underline the topic sentence.

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18 Responses to Advantages and Disadvantages of living alone at the age of 18

  1. Wendy Herrera says:

    Advantages and Disadvantages of living alone at the age of 18.
    1-no longer have someone to advise
    2-do not get money easily
    3-and there is no one to remind you what you must do
    4-and there is no one to send you to bed early

    1-no one scolds you for doing something wrong
    2-you no longer have to sleep early if you want
    3-You can do whatever you want in your home
    4-you can watch tv until the time that you want

  2. Natalia Lizbeth Bañuelos says:

    No one controls our schedules and we have no explanation of what we do or fail to do
    Cleaning and cooking when we
    Decorate and give the place the look you want, without needing to agree with anyone.
    We took all the closets, drawers, cupboards and all spaces.
    If you have a partner, not to be a couple of days often increases the desire to meet again.

    We arrived at our house is empty and we have no one to talk of what happened to us during the day, we lack emotional restraint (according to several studies, share our daily tribulations reduce stress).
    We take care of all household expenses.
    Always eat alone.
    Some of us become more maniacs with our stuff, and every time we think what bothers most foreign disorder (often just a different order).
    We are responsible for absolutely everything that involves managing a home (go to the supermarket, laundry, take care of gas leaks or water leaks).
    There is a greater tendency to be sad. At certain times we feel we lack something, we miss the company of others, or that special one who lives in another place …
    Honestly, though at times there is friction or is necessary to agree on many issues of everyday life, for me, remains the best option to share life, I think nothing compares to the magic of waking up and seeing the face of our loved one inch inches from where we are.

  3. julieta tinoco vargas says:

    Advantages and Disadvantages of living alone at the age of 18.

    Some of the advantages of living alone at the age of 18 are that you as a young adult, you have more freedom and you have oportuniti to make your own life, you espend your time doing whathever you want and you can make your own rules, your life-rules, like a schedule about what you are going to do… and you also can take friends to your own homebecause it is your house and you can do anything respecting others, so I like very much the idea of living alone at your own house whith all your own stuf.

    Some of the disadvantages I find of living alone at the age of 18 are that you have to pay for all your stuf… I mean like the food, your clothes and the clothes for your job, and pay for the transport to go from your place to your job and returne and the hose, to buy it or to pay the rent and the hose facilities like the light, the water, the internet,the phone, or the televition… and what are you going to work of, at 18 you are still studing in college, yes you can find a job, but one simple job wont pay all the stuff you need to live comfortable.

  4. Paola Karina De Haro Curiel says:

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of living alone at the age of 18 are this:

    Advantages: well, you can do whatever you want, you can have more privacy, you can do parties in your house, you can decide about your money, you can have your real life, you can buy your own food, you can have your style in your house, nobody control your time, you become more responsible, you can came late, FREEDOM, you can clean your house or apartment whenever you want, invite some friends, you don’t have to fight for the TV, you can listen noisy music every time you want, you can decorate your house, you discover what is freedom, etcetera.

    Disadvantages: You have to be more responsible with yourself and your house, you have to clean your room, all your house!!!!; you have to clean your house after your “parties”, you live alone and when you get in your house it’s lonely, you have to earn your own money, you have to pay the rent…., you have to do or buy your own food, you have to work, you don’t have anybody to talk about your day, Sometimes you lose the control, loneliness can create defects, etcetera.

    mmm teacher, I think I can’t underline the topic sentense :S

  5. Ruben "Tucancinho" Vazquez says:

    I think one of the advantages of living alone at 18 years is that you learn to be responsible and make a living by yourself and organize your life and your home.
    If you work or go to school, living alone will help you be more responsible and complying with your obliaciones and duty

    Living alone at age 18 can be very productive but can also be bad if you are not responsible or reliable.
    If you are irresponsible or immature not going to achieve anything living alone because you will not have anyone to help or guide you in case you have any problems or questions about how to live or get some work ahead

  6. Adán Noel Michel González says:

    Living alone at the age of 18 has many good things and many bad things I write below. The good things of living alone at age 18 is that you can sleep when you want, you can do whatever you want whenever you want, eat what you want, you feel more responsible to have your own house or apartment, you can parties or events do you like it When did you want, you can invite friends to sleep or live with both paying the rent or keeping the house can be noisy and relax without being disturbed by your parents but the chances are that your neighbors if bother you, you are free to do whatever you want, you can have the pet you want.
    The bad things about living alone is that they will probably have to work or that your parents unless you give money to be able to live alone, you may feel lonely and bored sometimes, you should call your parents for advice about what you pass, you should go shopping with your money by yourself or with your parents give you, go to pay for electricity, water, gas, cable, Internet, telephone and so on. You have to answer the door, you have to buy the medicines, if you have a pet you have to feed him, buy his food, care, bathing, collecting their droppings, etc.
    Those are some good and bad of living alone.

  7. Jennifer Flores Medina says:

    Advantages of living with your family and disadvantages of living without it
    Advantages of living with my family:
    My mom I can tell everything about my sister I mafer gossip around, eating out with family to celebrate something, to celebrate with family, when we went on vacation to take us many pictures, go dancing in family
    we all we all say silly things together, do family sleepovers, going to dinner, to eat breakfast at all sides together, live, singing, laughing, talking that mess, especially with my family,
    disadvantages of living without my family: c
    I can not tell anything to anybody, anybody would feel that I need in my heart, c
    I go crazy without my family and without my sister mafer, a family would be sad, you feel that you are not happy if your family is separated, suicidal I do not put up with it my family is separated, it would make me emo, would kill me because I have no complete my family, not what would happen but it would be horrible if I have my whole family together.

  8. Paloma Villarreal Ortega says:

    Advantages of living with your family.
    Them can buy you things without your have to pay for them, you don’t have to work and not pay for any house or apartment because you live with them, it’s good because you are not alone, they make you company and live all the time, you can share many things with them. You talks them your stuff and you can ask them what you want when you want, you don’t have to work to use you for yourself, buy food or clothes, and either pay your school, otherwise it is good to live with the family and be near them.
    Disadvantages of living with the family.
    I think that the disadvantages of living with your family would be that you cannot have much privacity because they are there, you cannot leave as long as you want because they do not let you, you cannot do festivals at home and invite your friends all the time because your parents do not let you. If you have brothers sometimes say what you do and that’s not good, because your parents learn everything , you can also not decorate your House or your bedroom as you want because they do not let you.

  9. Frida Camila Cruz says:

    Advantages and disadvantages of living alone.
    One of the biggest advantages of living alone and stay for our whole life is independence, but we need to learn that independence is only good if taken with responsibility and accountability is needed to live alone.
    Another advantage is that you do not have time to do anything at home, but only if taking it responsibly. It’s good that you learn to do things alone and that serves you for life, is also very good for the whole house is your own space that you do not have to share.
    One disadvantage of living alone is that you have to pay all the bills you generate in your home, such as water, light, food, etc.. Too many times when you need love from a family like your parents, you’d have to settle for seeing them later.
    Also it is worth mentioning that you’d have to do all the chores like cleaning your room, bathing, cooking and washing dishes. That would not have support from others, for example your family to help you if you need anything.
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  10. Jose Francisco Jimenez Reyes says:

    Advantages living alone:
    fist, you can do that you want, you can eat a lot of food and pla a lot of time computer,videogames and taht things.Also you can spend your money in whatever you want (videogame for buy special things in the game, Xbox live for play any game that you want :). ) you can sleep at 4:54 am and nobody say to you “hey go to bed rigth now”!, and you deside to clean your bet or not :D.

    Disadvantages living with your family:
    you will sleep at 9:00 pm, pay only 2 hours at day, have a diet, clean your bedroom,go out the trash,you can spend your money in games.Also you will get up at 6:00 am for go too school, you have work for yourself, have to do the homework and home homeworks, you can go out with your friends every day and that things :).

  11. Felix Eduardo Lopez Martinez says:

    Advantages and disadvantages of living alone
    More and more adults choose to prefer to live alone. I think the success of this lies in the level of dependence / independence they have.
    • Advantages:
    No one controls our schedules and we have no explanation of what we do or fail to do (does this whenever we like?)
    clean if you want decorate and give the place the look you want You can leave your clothes where you want without anybody tell you pick it up
    The best thing about living alone, far, is that we can organize a party on any day of the week, without asking permission or telling anyone who tells you “party today? No, tomorrow I have to get up early! ”
    • Disadvantages:
    1 – On our birthday, we have to sing “Happy Birthday “in the elevator shaft and expect to hear the echo.
    2 – The toilet seat is always cold.
    3 – It is impossible to open half a can of soup or half thaw pizza.
    4 – When we lose the glasses, no one warns us that we have in mind.
    5 – If we grab hiccups, we have to scare ourselves.
    6 – If we lost the key, we slept on the mat.
    7 – If we cut the phone, because he was one who did not pay.
    8 – When we are in the shower, no one we can achieve a towel.
    9 – do not wash dishes are filled with flies.
    10 – You smell the milk before pouring in the cafe.

  12. Advantages:
    1.-The parents take care of you when you are sick
    2.-Keep you and have given money.
    3.-You give your love
    4.-Clean your room free
    5.-Hasen you eat rich!

    1.-You just keep
    2.-You should get a job to get money
    3.-Wash your clothes
    4.-No longer are with your family and that is horrible and only occasionally after
    5.-You yourself kitchens and it is difficult

  13. Bernardo "Pedazo" "Berni" Verján García says:

    The advantages of living alone at age 18 can make you mature as adults, teach you to do many things like cooking, cleaning your clothes, ironing, to work for a living, learning to manage your money, if you become more responsible, but living with parents because you can live more comfortable because you do not have to honk your meal, or wash clothes, and many other things arias being alone and as you take her to be more relaxed or less worry and so now you can go out with your friends and that, but being alone almost could not leave your friends and who either have to work, clean house, work, etc.. Another concern that brings live alone is the payment of rent, the vast majority of rents are expensive so you would have to work harder to pay the rent, eat and then if spare, for outings with friends.
    In my opinion I would choose to live with my parents to take my studies more relaxed and have time to relax with my friends clear that living alone because you could have more privacy but I think I prefer to take my studies relaxed.

  14. Hannia Lissete López Ruíz says:

    Advantages and Disadvantages of living alone at the age of 18

    ADVANTAGES: You start at an early age to be independent and efficient by yourself, you begin to know how to manage the money you earn, you can have parties at home whenever you want or have money and time, you can go out with your friends whenever you want, you have more advantages to socialize with people like you, and to share ideas to cope.

    DISADVANTAGES: You can meet more quickly people with bad habits such as drug addicts, drunks, lazy, etc. In the little experience you can have people might abuse of you, you not have enough money.

  15. carlos alberto hernandez gomez says:

    my opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of having 18 are:
    have much freedom and you can go wherever you want.
    you can have the space you like and like you always have.
    you can have privacy.
    Would you go to parties without permission and sores at the time you want.
    would live without siblings.
    responsible food do you like and you can eat alone.

    will have no support.
    there will be someone (mom) to do your chocomilk.
    punish you and you can not go out with friends.
    will not have privacy and space you’d like to have.
    much to scold you stay in college, etc..
    you would have annoying brothers and I would make life impossible.
    there will be no cosine and you therefore only eat “sopa webona”

  16. Itzel Monserrat Glez. G. says:

    the advantages of living with your family:
    Tienego 1.When a problem they can help me
    2.ellos feed me
    3.tengo place to live
    4.I love and support
    5.aprendo to respect and value others
    6. to live

    the disadvantages of living with your family:
    1.-You just keep
    2.-You Should get a job to get money
    3.-Wash your clothes
    4.-Are No longer with your family and That is horrible and only after Occasionally
    5.-You yourself kitchens and it is Difficult
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  17. adriana "wera" ortiz ramirez :) says:

    I think I like to live, not far from my parents, but only in another house when I grow old of course, already know to make a living for myself of course this has advantages and disadvantages.
    -have more freedom
    -do what you want
    -see TV until the time you want
    -use the computer till late
    -listen to loud music
    -listen to any music without being told anything
    -go to where you want
    -eat what you want
    -you sleep when you want
    -I go shopping when you want
    -going to parties when you want
    -see what you want on TV
    -decorate your room as you want
    -decorate your home as you want

    may also have several disadvantages
    -you have to work
    -get your own money
    -you have to take responsibility for all
    “you must learn not to go everywhere
    -you have to set the alarm daily
    -you have to clean your whole house
    -you have to wash at least every 3 days to no make a lot of clothes
    – wake up early
    -ironing your clothes
    – Buy pantry
    -buy household items
    “solve your own problems alone
    – your parents no remember your things
    As we can see, living away from your parents has many advantages but also disadvantages too

    enjoy the now then we will see tomorrow!

  18. Edsel Eduardo Torres Meza says:

    Advantages and disadvantages of living alone at age 18:
    some advantages of living alone at eighteen are, you have more freedom that young people can learn how to make their own decisions, and the consequences it can have it, it is also good because they can learn to manage money, especially if they pay rent , also learn to live with different types of people, to work together with them, living alone can also help them to learn to work, call it, if they have to pay rent, they should get the money working, and able to keep buy food, living only conclusion is good because it helps young people to be more responsible.
    The disadvantages of living alone at the age of eighteen, are that some young people are not yet ready to live without the maintenance of their parents, others simply are afraid of the outside world, some young people get stressed a lot to live alone because they have to work to support themselves, without the advice and the protection of their parents, sometimes they get stressed a lot because in these times is difficult to get work and find it hard to get money,in conclusion, for many young people is very stressful Commencing living alone at the age of eighteen, so they are not separated from their parents until they are older.

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