A Question of Taste

In 250 words write about your experience eating food that you usually do not eat.

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14 Responses to A Question of Taste

  1. Ruben "Tucancinho" Vazquez says:

    On Monday March 7, 2011, in English class, the teacher asked us to take her food that are not used to eating.
    I took a few crickets and drunks, while my other colleagues took various types of sweets, breads and other foods.
    In class, we put everything together in a pan and parts so that we could all eat.
    I ate a lot of everything. I had never eaten crickets, but yesterday I Tasted with chile and salt and the truth is that I liked a lot.
    I also tried all the different types of bread they brought sweets and everything was deliciso.
    It was very good because I ate different things that had never tasted in my life.

  2. Claudia Preciado says:

    I liked knowing that there are more strange foods, who had never eaten, what I like and had not tested were the crickets spicy cream and bread.
    crickets at the beginning when you’re going to try taste salty and juicy.
    cream bread was delicious everything was good, so I do not like foreign food was the nuts because they were way too dry.
    There was something I wanted to try but did not take him that was the maguey worm, but also I would do a little disgusting eating a live worm: c
    jorge my teacher kept eating crickets hahaha.
    There was also a sweet tamarind sweet sour and the two I liked.
    I like to try everything I did not know about strange foods.

  3. Edsel Eduardo Torres Meza says:

    test new types of food was very good for me because I met new flavors and also I learned that there are different types of food and not just that I got used to eating, I was very good experience to try food types call tag that for me the vast majority of them I liked the taste, I love sweet food, salty, and sour, and the vast majority of foods tested had these types of flavors, but not always I try something new I like, there are times just do not want to try something of their appearance, and ended up liking, and once when I was little, my grandmother asked me to eat an olive and I did not want because the saw and thought it would taste horrible, but when I probed it I love it! And I’ve never stopped loving it, that’s why some people have to taste all kinds of food, because you’ll never know when you like something, and sometimes you’ll like something too much that you won’t stop eating it, but also it’s true that sometimes you won’t like some kinds of food, but you always have to try it, so I will always try new food.

  4. Paola Karina De Haro Curiel says:

    PLEASE: Don’t read it at loud
    The day Thursday march 3rd, the teacher asked us to bring to the school some food of the wall-mart expo (different kinds of food from different states of Mexico) for the Monday.
    Yesterday some of my classmates bring some different foods of the expo (crickets, tamarind candies, sweet potatoes, hazelnuts, more candies and 3 different kind’s ok bread)
    I prove the tamarind candies and I really liked, the 3 kind of different breads that I like but no to much, I prove too a cricket and I can say that in my opinion the taste of the crickets is awful because when I eat them I was thinking in that “I am eating some live crickets what a shame”. Well I prove too some Ruben’s candies, here in Mexico we call them borrachitos (drunks) because they are made it whit some kind of liquor and they are very popular here in Mexico.
    In my opinion I will never eat crickets again, and this activity was really cool because we learn and taste some gastronomy of the other states. The only thing that I don’t like was that I don’t hear the homework because I was out with the food and the teacher let me more homework: S

  5. carlos alberto hernandez gomez says:

    my experience on different types of food was very nice because probe of many varieties but of course had nasty food such as: the grasshoppers with chile, and a strange wise bread.
    was interesting because I discovered many different kinds of food from various parts of the world, my favorite dishes were as kind as they are called drunks in Mexico.El nut bread was very tasty so it is just too fast but bad luck some of my colleagues did not reach the tamarind pulp in different representations was very tasty, either with sugar or with chile, one of those dishes was a bad-tasting bread and thus unknown name, bread cream was also very rich which is also just too fast, good bread is that cream was the favorite.
    my favorite part was when Ivan & I ate the candy that I have for the task which were very delicious because they had a rich taste of honey.

  6. My experience of eating this kind of food is rare but very rich Some POPs known as the bread of cream, fat cream among others. Roasted crickets rather ugly though they knew the class was the only thing that stopped me from salon.El the tamarind is one of the few things we eat in my family but tastes good depends on how sweet you eat it if it tastes good. Dehydrated garlic deporsi know the normal known filthy disgusting. Marbled bread yummy knew because he felt the flow in my wedding chocoloate yummy.

  7. Bernardo "Pedazo" "Berni" Verján García says:

    On March 7, I met several types of food that were not common in my community as crickets, dehydrated garlic, several types of breads, etc.. Almost everything that led me disgusted especially when Juan Pablo ate a cricket, all I tried were the bread and tamarind, foods that met not only because they are poor are poor because several of my companions tried and said they were rich. These foods are common elsewhere, and vital. I definitely do not eat anything untentar clear of these foods if I can help and I would like to know more meals from other places but look good so they could be eating.
    Gutaria I do not have the experience of eating crickets. 🙂
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    Diccionario – Ver diccionario detallado

  8. Ivan Mora says:

    On March 7, in English class after recess, ate way too rare things. We all shared a small piece of each different thing as
    cream bread
    Hazelnut (actually seemed like peanuts)
    also ate a bread mega
    also had different flavors crikets diferntes as others with salt and chile limon etc.
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    • Ivan Mora says:

      On March 7, in English class after recess, ate way too rare things. We all shared a small piece of each different thing as
      cream bread
      Hazelnut (actually seemed like peanuts)
      also ate a bread mega
      also had different flavors crikets diferntes as others with salt and chile limon etc.

  9. Sabrina Curiel Lopez says:

    Well I am happy to know that there are different types of candy new to our community, for example I really the only one probe was the drunks and nuts as the rest do not feel like I was a little disgusted because I did not like to eat something that does not know exactly, and the grasshoppers gave me much disgusted because they are animals and are finished to kill and those are the ones who eat the bread was good because it’s just homemade bread but the other things they looked very strange
    Most of the grasshoppers tested salon and said they were rich and there are some who knew but I could not saw them and I was really disgusting to me impossible to sweetpotato rosirta as well not believe that there was a vanilla and chocolate bread I think it was a bit normal
    I just went two days ago and there talpa sold some very strange sweet guava roll very strange that a probe is called pinole corn and ugly stick in the mouth and gum other very strange and also some small boxes and candy bones such milk taste great but these sweets are not very rare there are also sold in the walmart very strange candy
    because here in Vallarta are not well known because they are the most populated and there are produced many sweets typical of each region But some are very rich and delicious ami me because they knew like hazelnuts with salt and lemon

  10. Felix Eduardo Lopez Martinez says:

    A question of taste
    a weekend in the English class had a homework one little strange trying to buy things to eat in class that is not unusual because we cannot eat in classrooms and that we should bring food were very rare but very rich so Here is my experience
    On March 7 in the English class I had an experience eating food that usually do not eat
    on this experience I had the chance to try some things that usually do not like some are a bit strange insect like I got a little disgusted but ended up trying and did not know that bad otherwise I tasted was the bread that if it was something were also rich sweets rich but definitely richer than the bread probe was
    I could also try something called rich hazelnut he knew well as a pistachio also learned a little about Mexican cuisine and I had never eaten anything as weird as insects
    but this experience was a good thing because I had a class in which I could try a little of the great variety of typical Mexican food some a bit strange but a very rich.

  11. Frida Camila Cruz Casillas says:

    The day at school Monday when we ate crickets, tamarind pulp, bread, various sweets, etc.
    was something new for me, because to start I never in my life had eaten or pobado a cricket, but I think like everything we tried on Monday and Mexico, mexiacanos us as we are almost compelled to try, because it is the culture of our country.
    What I like what we ate was the tamarind pulp, I love the taste, and I also liked the bread with cream, is something a little different, but very pareido to the bread and the flesh we eat in Puerto Vallarta .
    Something I do not like at all were the crickets, I personally was something nasty, because I did not like the taste at all, although it was a good experience, because I tried it in the room with all my peers and is something that I was not going to forget, although I have been looking forward to testing.
    I think it was good for all open and tubieramos us the opportunity to try something new and different from what you usually eat, but something fun for everyone.
    Personally I never eat a thousand times more tamarind pulp, but the cricket NO, would be very good that we returned to do projects like this more often, because we have fun and learn at the same time.

  12. adriana "wera" ortiz ramirez :) says:

    I had a very strange experience the other day at the English class because I had to try food they i never had ever eaten in my life.
    The taste was disgusting some other delicious
    that probe were:
    crickets with chile, salt and lemon
    walnut shell
    tamarind pulp
    sweet potato
    This was somewhat strange to
    This was kinda weird to me and I guess for all the truth they make me disgusting stuff but what you see is not what they seem in fact, had the idea that would be horrible and until now I was edible good realize I was wrong, I think that we should never say no when you have not tried as almost all that day, many do not batting crickets, others not tested by the simple fact that”as they are ugly I did not taste”not to be so we must learn from the others come talves other people do not know what are the pizzas and burgers talves to make them were horrible, but we can say that no matter how we know sebe what is not everything.

  13. Angela says:

    teacher =/ i cant find the homework :S

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