Writing an informal email.

Your English-speaking friend, Caroline, is coming to visit younexth month. Read Caroline’s emailand the notes you have made. Then write and email to Caroline, using ALL your notes. (Englis whiz pgs. 97, 120

It is iportant to follow all the steps.





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One Response to Writing an informal email.

  1. juan manuel cardenas ponce says:

    From: juan manuel cardenas ponce
    hi carolina received a reply
    I look forward to your visit im very excited I have all the things that we gonna do I make all my list with the things that you like to do like first
    I kwonk you like the museums so we can go to the anthropologist museum or to the Vincent van gobh gallery of art
    Here in my country we have a lot of types of music but the most representative of my country is the mariachi or banda I like those types of music but my favorite music is the 60,70,80 and 90 I love all songs of that type
    I love the music but I preffer the book because one of my favorites things its read so I preffer the book
    Oh my friend thank you but I cant go with you in the summer because that are the time when I go with my families vacations sorry
    Im waiting for you my friend see you soon
    Love you xoxo
    Juan manuel

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